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Questions & Answers About Rudraksha

Questions & Answers About Rudraksha Q: What are Rudraksha beads?  Where are they available?
A: Rudraksha beads, botanically known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb, are the seeds of the fruit from Rudraksha trees.  Rudraksha trees are found mainly in  Indonesia, Nepal, and India.
Q: What is special about Rudraksha beads?
A:  Rudraksha beads have been traditionally worn by Asian Yogis and Monks because the beads interact with the body and mind to foster the tranquility and concentration necessary for control over mind during extended periods of meditation.  Modern medical research has proven that Rudraksha beads have electro-magnetic properties that have a beneficial influence on the Cardiovascular and Central Nervous Systems.
Q: What are the different types of Rudraksha beads?
A:  Rudraksha beads are available with 1 to 38 facets.  Beads with 1 and 15 to 38 facets are rare.  The 5 facet bead is commonly available and thus the most popular due to its effectiveness and economical cost.  While all Rudraksha beads exhibit the same electro-magnetic properties which have positive impact on overall health, ancient texts have identified additional influences of facets:
One Face:  Success, power, and glory.
Two Face:  Concentration and romantic fulfillment.
Three Face:  Good health and higher education.
Four Face:  Improved health, intellect and happiness.

Five Face:  Fulfillment of desires and enlightenment.
Six Face:  Improved physical strength and prowess.

Seven Face:  Increased intuitive knowledge and honor.

Eight Face:  Obstacles to happiness removed.

Nine Face:  Wealth, happiness and contentment in family.

Ten Face:  Protection from black magic and promotion of good health .

Eleven Face:  Happiness in marriage and longevity.

Twelve Face:  Prosperity, bliss, and spiritual knowledge.
Q: Can I wear a combination of different facet Rudraksha beads?
A:  You can wear any combination of beads.  The individual powers of the beads can be felt simultaneously.
Q: Can Rudraksha cause harm?
A:  Rudraksha beads do not have harmful attributes.  They only have a positive influence on the body and mind.
Q: Do Rudraksha beads have Anti-Aging properties?
A: Yes.  Aging is the process of cell decay.  Free radicals are significant contributors to the decay of the body's cells.  Free radicals are molecules that lack the appropriate electrons to be stable.  In order to gain stability, they swipe electrons from other molecules such as DNA, protein, and fat.  When these molecules lose electrons, they in turn become unstable and seek to take electrons from other molecules.  This chain reaction destroys enzymes and produces toxic chemicals which cause damage to cellular functions associated with aging. 
The electro-magnetic properties of Rudraksha beads are especially valuable when worn over the heart.  As the blood circulates through the heart, it carries free radicals through the electro-magnetic field produced by the Rudraksha mala.  This field neutralizes free radicals so that they again become stable molecules.  In this manner, the aging process is slowed.  Finally, the "relaxation response" fostered by Rudraksha beads reduces the negative impact of stress on the body.  Stress serves as a catalyst for free radicals.  By helping to control stress, Rudraksha beads slow the production of free radicals.
Q: Is there scientific basis behind the healing power of Rudraksha beads?
A: Yes.  One of the best known research papers was published by Dr. Suhas Roy of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Banaras, India.  Please visit our References section to review an extensive listing of Rudraksha related books, articles, and research papers.
Q: How long do Rudraksha beads take to heal and rejuvenate the body?
A: You will normally experience positive changes within 45 days of wearing a Rudraksha mala on a daily basis.  In 90 days you will feel healthier and more peaceful.  From then onwards, your body will experience ongoing benefits as the Rudraksha beads maintain equilibrium and neutralize the negative effects of stress.
Q: How can you test the authenticity of Rudraksha beads?
A: Rudraksha beads should sink in water.  However fake beads can also be designed to sink in water.  The best assurance is to procure your Rudraksha from a reliable source.

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